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SEEDS OF LIFE institute

future foods, next natives

SEEDS OF LIFE institute

About Us

Seeds of Life Institute is the international, sustainable education and research centre of Seeds of Life, Japan. Seeds of Life, Japan has inspired and produced local seed libraries across Japan for over two decades.

The aim of Seeds of Life Institute is to restore natural capitals, seeds and soils, into local nutrition ECOnomies. This network of local ECOnomies are networked into an off and online system of sustainable food. Seeds of Life Institute focuses on youth training local botanical engineers, trainers and local organizers with skills to support the next generation of inclusive local communities.

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Our Vision

future foods, next natives

Dreams are the seeds of actions.
We see local food growing that restores food safety and work security to youth of all communities. These actions regenerate diversity and sustainability in both daily life and future lifestyles. People, working side by side, will bring this dream about. Step by step, seed by seed, actively growing gardens of life.






Seeds of Life Institute restores and regenerates local ECOnomies utilizing indigenous seed and soil. Decades of both local action experience and international business experience blends to grow new futures for youth of all ages. Seeds of Life Institute is actively a socially inclusive organization restoring communities.
“We must restore our natural capital commons before we can even consider sustainability, “ advises John Moore, Founder and CEO. “Seeds of Life Institute puts back natural capitals so the next generation has commons of resources to build their everyday lives and futures for all of life”.



Local is anywhere from a tower block mansion roof farm to a multi hectare mountain botanical herb vineyard. Local reduces gasoline and waste and increases employment and margins by marketing direct. Local is our future.
All Initiatives are based on a locally owned botanical laboratory and seed library. These nurture foods and drinks products from local treasures, the indigenous seeds and soils.
In this way each local cluster is unique and financed by its our natural resources. This action ensures a healthy, local ECOnomy and a future as diversified as its natural botanicals and soils DNA.

High Fives


Active in countries from Malaysia to India, New Caledonia to Sicily, SOL was headquartered in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture, Japan creating local wellness communities from Okinawa to Hokkaido.
The SOL Institute supports local people to build local ECOnomies from indigenous seed libraries and soil regeneration to re-grow communities from the grass roots; example the Nakagawa Zone.

These cluster communities are then networked to exchange skills, products, experiences and festivals. The online and offline exchanges further grow communities into thriving, local wellness hubs.  Actions today grow people tomorrow.



The integration of these activities ensures that Future Foods will increase diversity and sustainability, nutrition and vitality. In this time of rapid global warming, Next Natives are locally researched and grown to keep pace with local needs and knowledge. Diversified Forest Farms are used to replace conventional agricultural mono cultures. This is the fastest system to restore soil health, biodiversity and grow sustainable food for today and tomorrow. Next Native seeds need to be grown today to prepare for the rapid agricultural changes of the next five years.  The Future of Food is in our hands and the hands of today's youth.  Local people, local food, local futures.

Our Activities

We grow local, sustainable food communities in cities, mountains, islands, schools, jungles, rooftops and even shop walls! Everywhere people live. Real seed, real food, real lives. Life is diversity. So inclusion is natural. Wellness Gardens or village renewals, forest farms or urban indigenous seed libraries. These robust food exchanges combine to open the next nutrition economy for our kids. We work with local Governments, NGO’s, small communities or big city areas and it all begins with local seeds... Seeds of Life.

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Nature never lives just for itself,

rivers don’t drink their own water,

trees don’t eat their own fruits,

the sun doesn’t shine for itself.

What are you living for?



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